Four days into the New Year and Aditya’s cell phone still beeped with all those greeting messages pouring in. He was never a fan of the New Year. To him, it was simply a change of the date in the calendar which people needlessly made a fuss about. Not […]

Life Diaries – The last page!

  After Kashish’s sudden departure from the beach, Aditya stood along the coast pondering over her words. He recalled the sight of her eyes from a few moments ago. He saw hurt and agony in those deep watery eyes. ‘Don’t tell me things you told and felt for Kaya, okay?’ […]

Life Diaries – Page Eight

  ‘I don’t need those meds anymore, Kash!’ Aditya pestered, ‘I am fine! Dr. Verma knows it too.’ Kashish frowned at him, then went back to reading the recipe book. ‘I do not want to spend my life around a crazy man who may, in future too, hallucinate about non-existing […]

Life Diaries – Page Seven

  With the month of March, spring was here. The sun was subtle, the wind was soft, and nature was in its best of the moods. The season of Aditya’s life too was gradually blooming like that first bud of the oncoming spring. The cynicism in his default thoughts was slowly […]

Life Diaries – Page Six

  It was later in the afternoon when a reminder of an event popped up on Aditya’s desktop screen. ‘Session with HR – 6.00 pm’ It said. He shrugged his shoulders swearing on his manager for aligning him for yet another event which he knew would be sheer waste of time. Ignoring […]

Life Diaries – Page Five

  Running through the never ending dark alley, he looked around for one shine of light. With his breathing ragged and his heartbeats escalating with every next moment, he kept running aimlessly. Wherever he ran, he found only dark and no light. Perspiring, huffing, scared, and hopeless, he looked around […]

Life Diaries – Page Four

  Aditya stirred his dark black coffee, blending the beans which leashed out an enigmatic and irresistible aroma. Inhaling the exotic aroma, he sipped on his coffee. That first sip made his mind to shun its surroundings and be lost in the ecstatic eruption inside of him – just like […]

Life Diaries – Page Three

  ‘If you don’t get here in next five minutes, I’ll simply leave.’ She said disconnecting the call as she curled her hair with the index finger, bored of waiting. Fidgeting with the cell phone and dangling her feet, she looked as far as she could over the waves that […]

Life Diaries – Page Two

  The gush of wind that blew through the balcony and into the dark room, made the wind chime hung on the ceiling, sway and tinkle with force. She sighed deep and looked out of the balcony to the open night sky. The moon seemed rare and exotic that night. […]

Life Diaries – Page one!

‘Did you pack your black polo tee?’ she asked. ‘Ah huh!’ he said, on the other end of the phone. ‘I know, you like to see me in black.’ ‘It suits you amazingly.’ ‘You suit me more.’ ‘Are you trying to woo me?’ ‘Kind of.’

Long Distance Relationship!

You must have come across many people complaining about the hurtful side effects of being in love. But in real, being in love can never cause problems. Never at all. Judging it, Weighing it, Analysing it, Checking it, CAN! For the first time when you fall in love, the euphoria […]

Evaluated Love?

“Life begins, where Fear ends” – this wonderful quote by Osho, conveys the secret of entire universe within these numbered words. Fear, is an emotion that has the power to destroy, and the power to limit. We all have our own fears that we experience in some or the other […]

That Fearless!

Call it heaven call it hell Call it fire call it flame Nothing stays apart Nothing remains the same. Being the water of this desired rain Why take the pain of bifurcating the same? Let the wave of wounded water flow Let the mist of painful dust blow.

Castle – A Poem.

Kashmir – a valley that is known to refuge Heaven in the human land is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful creations of nature. The colossal    mountains that envelop the valley in their embrace, the foggy dense clouds  teasing through the wavy roads over the mountain peaks, the chill […]

What Kashmir really wants? – A Kashmiri speaks!

In this race of life, we engage ourselves in the vicious world of desires in such a way, that our life for most of the time limits itself to surviving. With the morning sun, the run for achieving for the day begins, and with the settling night, either it is […]

That Whisper in You!

She lay on her bed, gawking at the ceiling fan that spun at the speed of infinity, without blinking her eye lashes for a moment. She heaved a sigh and wondered how miserable her life was getting with every passing day. A complete mess was something she would call her […]

The Magic Box – A short story!

I noticed it was drizzling as I looked outside my window, Everything finally turned silent in the world below. I silently heard the raindrops as it fell onto the ground, Everything got brightened up in my room as I looked around. I stepped out of my house as I wanted […]

Moments – A poem! (Reader post)

‘We’ are together, ‘We’ are in a Relationship, and ‘We’ are in a Love, people often use sentences like these. Most of them use it at regular intervals and few of them are courageous enough to use it once or twice in their life. For me, ‘We’ is the most exposed synonym […]

The Lonely ‘I’ in every ‘We’