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In this race of life, we engage ourselves in the vicious world of desires in such a way, that our life for most of the time limits itself to surviving. With the morning sun, the run for achieving for the day begins, and with the settling night, either it is a tiring snore, a happy dream, or a tear soaked pillow that lies. In the scuttle of surviving and making a way for ourselves, life is silently passing by. Unattended, unnoticed, unheard. Unknowingly, making us void. It seems like a dream that is flashing by, one day when you will get up, you’ll get to know how much of it you have lived and how much of it you have simply missed, just because you didn’t pay any notice.

However, that is of course not a bad thing to do. To survive, we need to run throughout the journey of our lives. It’s a known fact that the day you stop, you’ll get preyed to someone superior. But what matters in this rush is that how much you are giving to yourself, and importantly how much you are getting out of it. As humans, we tend to demand love and care to the most. We expect to get the same from our friends, family, or lover. But what they give to us, is something that is external, an added bonus and not the basic earning. What we give to ourselves makes us what we are from the inside. I had always been saying, the choice of how you are ‘feeling’ from the inside had always been yours. It’s only you who have the right to make you or break you at any point in time.

But how would we know what we are actually feeling and what we actually want to feel! I know, this statement seems quite weird to say but you need to ponder over it yourself. Do you really know how exactly you are feeling this moment? Or how exactly you wish to feel at this point? Some of you may be actually aware of it, and some others, like me, may be confused thinking over it.

What I really mean to say is that, somewhere somehow, we are missing to connect to our own self. We are expecting and getting the treatment we desire for ourselves from others, but are we giving the same to our own self? Believe it or not, no one in your life can ever know you more than you do. There must be several secrets or desire that may be laying inside the corner of your heart which no one around is even aware of. It’s only you who knows where your happiness lies, where your peace dwells, and where your emotions get a leak. Would it be fair if you yourself don’t give refuge to those desires of your soul and don’t listen to them? In a way, you are like a secret treasure box and the key to it is your own heart. Or say, the whisper of your heart. How would you know what treasures you possess already if you don’t even have the access to the key?

To get the key, at times we need to try and spend some moments in solace with just one amazing human, our self, and analyze the smiles it wants to escape, the tears it want to shed, and let our self go. That won’t make us any weaker; instead it will just get us strong.

In this rush of life, pause for a moment, breathe, feel, and listen to whisper inside you that yields for your time. Listen to your heart, and get peace within your soul. Do what that whisper tells you to do because that is your best guardian angel. It has held you at your worst, it has praised you at your best, and it will keep showing you the further light. All you need to do is, understand and listen to those whispers in you that tell you to pause and take a look around, there might be happiness scattered at every way round. In the form of your favorite song playing on the radio, or a less hot summer day spent, or a dog that wagged his tail as you gave a pat, or the clouds that are just about to rain, or the pizza that you ate today tasted so much better, or your crush who gave you a smile to dream tonight. It can be just any. Then why not to create the happiness inside instead of searching it around?

Life is silently beckoning us all the time, to love our self, respect our self, and set a priority for our self in life. Being selfish is another thing, but prioritizing yourself is just a way to say you love yourself enough to find and live the simple joys of the moment. Don’t lose yourself to the rush of this world in such a way that you miss out on the best of voices you could ever listen to. That’s nothing but the sincere whisper that rises in you J


 One moment, life as fragile as the tiny feet of the new born child.

The other moment, growing up like the child racing to run the kite.

Sometimes, it fell, bruised and hurt to its core,

Some other time, it flew, high up in the everlasting sky giving a roar.

At times, the sun over head got it tan and ran it dark,

But the rain was not too far;

It sprinkled its chill and healed the scar.

There were lessons to learn, moments to live, hardships to conquer,

But it moved on, like a walk into a long voyage to discover.

Sometimes caught between the laughter of the heart and tears of the soul,

It got through the dense woods finding its way out to eternal role,

In the search, it didn’t understand,

It was the soul within that waited to comprehend.

Time was taking away the luster of its eyes,

The gleam of its smile, and the twinkle of its heart,

But one day, somewhere, somehow, it met a whisper which had a secret art.

Years passed, the whisper went unnoticed, unheard, yet it kept saying,

There is someone, who matters the most,

take a moment to listen,

A moment to feel, and a moment to live.

Not what the others think, but what the whisper screams.

May be, it said to laugh in the sun,

May be, it said to be someone’s light in the night,

May be, it said to wait and see the rising dawn,

May be, it said to cherish the time that passed by,

and the jiffy that was crossing by.

And then, it listened to the whispers and smiled,

It now knew, what matters the most in the lieu of the growing child,

That’s the whisper in you, naughtily telling you to escape sometimes

And running on the sand beside the beach, 

imprinting the footsteps far behind,

Now of a grown up and not that of a child.

Laughing to the sky, running behind the clouds, mesmerized by the journey,

And thankful for the shades of seasons that went so thorny.

Because, without them, it would have been incomplete and unfurnished,

It smiled as it ran further, whispering something again so true,

Don’t forget, what the child demands the most, is the whisper in you!



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