It was a frosty winter evening, when I stood in front of the huge wooden door, sighing heavily, while my warm breath rubbed against the air, forming a minute cloud. I pressed the door bell, and anxiously waited for the door to open. Moments later, a beautiful woman in her […]

The Choice – A short story

I heard you are a homosexual! Gosh… That’s so unnatural. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Welcome to the country where being homosexual is a sinful crime! The newspapers have been flooding with articles based on the act of being homosexual declared illegal in India which had forced us to ponder over the topic quite […]

Being Homosexual!

1) For me who is getting married, when they are getting married, where they are getting married matters but the most important aspect for me is FOOD. Yes, I love food and I am really interested on the menu. I practically walked in to the food section directly without even […]

Big Fat Wedding!

It was the night of a New Year. Joanna laid on her bed wide awake staring at the ceiling above while the memories of entire year flashed through her eyes. Some of the memories were good, some were bad, and some were beautiful, where as some were ugly! The month […]

December Diaries – The Diary Closes!

  She bowed down and picked up the fallen note. She looked at it and tried remembering if it belonged to her. It didn’t. She kept the Diary over the desk, and unfolded the paper note. As her eyes began reading the inked words, her hands began shivering and her […]

December Diaries – Chapter 9

  ‘So, what’s the story of six years without me?’ He asked her. The car was there and they sat in the car. Driver asked them the destination. Joanna gave him the directions and continued talking to him. ‘Six years of mine were the struggle to forget you. I don’t […]

December Diaries – Chapter 8

  When life says, just take one more chance, grab all of it and wrap it in your arms!   The entire night, Joanna spent in search of her best attire. She wanted something in blue, Aryan’s favorite color. Finally, she succeeded in finding a one piece which ended few […]

December Diaries – Chapter 7

  ‘Give me three clear reasons to forgive you.’ He had that seriousness building in his voice. Joanna succeeded in bringing Aryan face-to –face. She was happy that now he at least wanted to talk about it. ‘You want me to give you a presentation on ‘How much I love […]

December Diaries – Chapter 6

  He dug his hand inside his pocket only to find a note neatly folded. A smile gleamed through his lips knowing what would have Joanna written on that note – a love letter, quite obviously! He walked inside the campus of his school while unfolding the cramped paper. The […]

December Diaries – Chapter 5

  From the origin of love to its existence and its growth, their hearts took care of everything. That proposal at midnight in the church made their bond graceful. Jesus had always showered his blessings on them. With stem of trust and understanding, and with minute thrones of silly fights, […]

December Diaries – Chapter 4

  Skirt swaying just below her hips gathered everyone’s attention. The lustering legs which followed down the little skirt made fall every boy standing in the morning assembly, head over heels. Her well ironed shirt resisted more visibility of her smooth skin and left it imaginable by the boys. Morning […]

December Diaries – Chapter 3

It had been over six years since she had seen him for the last time. All these years, she had waited for a single opportunity to meet him once again, to ask for his forgiveness for whatever she did to him. But every time she tried finding him, she miserably […]

December Diaries – Chapter 2

‘Wake up to my tunes baby, a new day awaits you.’ The alarm clock buzzed showing 7:00 AM. She parted her red weary eyes and slapped the buzzer off to spend some more time in her dream Paradise. Her snore got louder and sleep got deepened, just like any other […]

December Diaries – Chapter 1

  “Together forever” ———————————————– Aditya Agarwal. 4 years later… It was just the beginning of the summer; the air conditioner was taking a bit more time than usual to send chill down the spine in the car. I shut my suitcase, putting the stethoscope which made a thud sound inside. […]

You made me feel yours – The End!

  Aditya Agarwal. People poured in from every possible part of the world whoever knew Mia. Those pretty little girls who were the bridesmaid were checking out their gowns on the mirror had those charming smile on their face. They were all ready with the flowers. It was time for […]

You made me feel yours – Chapter Nineteen

  ‘She made my day’ ——————————————– Avni Basu. My heart skipped a beat every time I saw his mom staring at me; I could feel I was going extra cautious about my every move. She was not desperately eyeing my move but I could feel she was keeping a watch […]

You made me feel yours – Chapter Eighteen

  “Marriage” Aditya Agarwal 2 months later… “Yeah place the chair here and the curtains should be exactly ending there” I said there pointed to the extreme right. The helper nodded and left.It was a busy day and I had to get everything on the track exactly like she wanted […]

You made me feel yours – Chapter Seventeen

  Joe Nelson —————————————————— ‘Avni Basu’ If some relations are forever to stay they are ‘Best friend’ relationships. This is so pure that it makes you feel to respect it without any demands. I couldn’t just take back my eyes off when Mia was in Adi’s arm crying her heart […]

You made me feel yours – Chapter Sixteen