Moments – A poem! (Reader post) 2

I noticed it was drizzling as I looked outside my window,

Everything finally turned silent in the world below.

I silently heard the raindrops as it fell onto the ground,

Everything got brightened up in my room as I looked around.
I stepped out of my house as I wanted to take a walk,

I saw him coming towards me and we decided to have a talk.

As the raindrops fell upon us, we looked at each other,

I wished to tell him that he had always made me feel better.


I looked at him; wishing he would look back and smile,

But it never really happened even after we crossed a mile.

I could see the leaves fall off the trees and spread around,

Looking at the beauty of nature; my world stopped going round.
I always wanted to let out every bit of my feelings to him,

The sky was turning dark as the light began to dim.

We finally stopped walking and I caught him staring at me,

I suddenly felt his lips on mine and I couldn’t really believe.

Though this moment could never be erased from my mind or heart,

I finally looked into his eyes and never wished to be more apart.

At last we found a way to express our love for each other,

It had always been a dream of mine, to watch us together.
Though we were sure we would never get this moment once more,

It would always be something he and I would surely adore.

As it began to pour more, we decided to walk back together,

Finally promising we will always be there for each other.
I felt a spark when we held our hands tightly together,

We knew our love and fondness would live beyond forever.

Having him beside me all the time was all I ever wanted,

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you” he finally said.


I finally laid my head on his shoulder,

As I realized our love had become even wider.

With every second that counted and passed by,

I promised to cherish it and never make you cry.
We still recall those moments we spent that day in the rain,

It makes us feel good as it removes away all the pain.

We never wanted to change anything about what had happened,

As when we think about it, it just creates more and more passion.



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