Long Distance Relationship! 4

‘Did you pack your black polo tee?’ she asked.

‘Ah huh!’ he said, on the other end of the phone. ‘I know, you like to see me in black.’

‘It suits you amazingly.’

‘You suit me more.’

‘Are you trying to woo me?’

‘Kind of.’

‘But you don’t need to. You have wooed me a year back already. I am madly into you, and you know that.’

‘So what! To woo you I had to keep myself away from you, but now that I have you, I know I have to be on my toes all the time.’

‘You simply bluffed me moron’ she faked anger.

‘Wasn’t that bluff worth it?’ he nudged, innocently.

‘It was all the worth of my life, Dushyant.’ She said, pushing away the anger.

‘It feels just like yesterday that I bumped into you accidentally, you are the most beautiful mistake of my life, Niharika.’

‘I’ll take that as a compliment.’ Niharika smiled.

It was a year back that Dushyant called the sales department of his company’s Kolkata branch. He was supposed to correspond about their inter-branch sales targets and plans with the head of department and his peer, Niharika Roy. But somehow, with destiny’s plan and human’s mistake, he landed up corresponding with Niharika Sen, the HR manager. In no time they realized the confusion, and sorted it off. Dushyant, out of courtesy sent an email through the company’s domain to Niharika. A genuine reply found a place in Dushyant’s inbox too.

Occasionally, they exchanged emails. And a little later, they came know to each other. Although Dushyant wanted to ask for her phone number but he resisted doing the same for he feared seeming desperate. However, he hunted for Niharika on FaceBook and after surfing through hundreds of profiles; he found the one he was dying to look for. He instantly sent a friend request and desperately waited for her to accept it so that he could have the access to her profile pictures.

The same night, she accepted. They talked. He surfed through her pictures admiring her beauty. And wondered how magnetic a personality she is. Not only by her looks but by her thoughts.

Niharika was one headstrong woman; she wasn’t the one who would be an easy catch for romantic interests and that was evident by the way she conveyed herself, loud and clear.

But Dushyant had started developing a liking for Niharika already. For she was much more than what she seemed. She was full of wit and intelligence, and such traits always attracted Dushyant. That’s when Dushyant came up with a solution. He stopped chasing Niharika and began ignoring her. Not only did it make her curious but she herself ran behind Dushyant thereafter.

A mystery can be best solved with a mystery itself, and that’s what Dushyant followed. Niharika was charmed by his mystery and made sure to resolve him bit by bit. Well, that was a kind of bluff but then everything is fair when you have a heart true of intentions. Dushyant never faked himself; he just got onto the right nerve, at the right time.

And that just worked. Six months later, they were dating. Yeah, that was a long distance relationship. But the 2000 kilo meters between Mumbai and Kolkata could in no way lessen the spark they had between them. Instead, with their distance, passion increased too. For many of their friends, their relationship was simply a fling but for them it was love which knew no bounds of distance. Unlike many LDR’s, theirs was the one where their understanding and trust could challenge even the purest of togetherness.

‘We would be seeing each other after three months of separation.’ Niharika sighed.

‘We are never apart.’ Dushyant said, ‘We are always together. I can listen to your voice every minute of the day. And now I am going to see you, hold you, and love you madly till the last minute we will be together. ’

‘Come soon.’ She whispered.

‘Just twelve more hours, and we will be together.’

‘Can’t wait.’

‘Not even me.’ He said and disconnected the call.

Niharika dropped herself on the couch, thinking of the next three days they would be spending together. It is a different feeling of anticipation when your wait just nears its end. That emotion is so overwhelming, that for a moment the wait itself gives a sense of satisfaction. Although, this would be the fifth time that Dushyant and Niharika would be meeting in a year, it feels as fresh and new as if it is just the first time they would be seeing each other in person.

Niharika curled her hair with her finger and smiled to herself. Her stomach was churning out of excitement and anticipation, while her heart was pounding hard with every tick of the clock that moved a step ahead. She desperately wanted to hold Dushyant in her arms to never let him go.

Dear time, please spare me the mercy. Tick faster for now, and go to sleep for next three days. Pretty please! Niharika wished.

Getting a hold of her pounding heart, she picked her cell phone and glided through the pictures of them together from the first time they met. One of it made her smile. It was a picture of them sitting in the cycle rickshaw, amidst a busy street of Kolkata. Niharika had made the rickshaw wala capture a memory of their first evening together, ever. Niharika and Dushyant were sitting distantly, and conscious. The nervousness visible straight on their face and their raging heart beats evident through the picture. Dushyant, however also had that amusing expression on his face, one like that of a child. He had never cruised in a cycle rickshaw. Mumbai, somehow kept him deprived of that happiness.

Somehow, Niharika always loved this picture. Although it was not the best, but it gave the feel of purity between them. And anyways, it was the evening of firsts… what can be a better memory rather than that of firsts?

Her pleasant thoughts came to a port when she heard the door bell ring. She looked at the wall clock, it stroke thirty past twelve in the midnight. She thought it to be her roommate, an airhostess who may have been back from her flight and must have left her pair of keys at home itself. She got up and lazily walked to the door.

Unlocking the knob, she made the door open. Her eyes stationed right in front, her mouth gaping open. Her mind stunned, and her heart jumping doing belle moves. Out of surprise, her eyes denied to blink turning it lustrous.

‘Happy First Anniversary.’ Dushyant said, holding out the bunch of Orchid. Her favorite.

‘How did you…?’

‘Ah!’ Dushyant cut her short. ‘I was in a cab on way to here when we were on call. Perhaps, how did you even think I would miss the night of our first anniversary? Although I could not make it on time, I am thirty minutes late. But never mind.’

‘Dushyannntttt….’ Niharika screamed out of excitement and ran out the door, and clinging on to him, she hugged him tight.

‘Babe.’ Dushyant smirked rolling his eyes to the adjoining flat, ‘You are clinging onto me in the lobby. In the middle of night. Not a decent neighbor’s virtue.’

‘Shut up.’ Niharika said and pulled him in.

‘So?’ He said, dropping his shoulder bag on the floor.

‘Thank you. This is the best thing ever happened to me.’ She said, softly.

‘This is the least I could have done. This was not even close to the best. I’ll redefine every best of yours, every time.’ He winked.

‘Oh really!’ She teased.

‘Yes. You want to feel the next best?’ he smiled mischievously, and pulled her towards him.

‘May be.’ She said, with her voice husky. ‘I love you.’

‘I love you more.’

‘No. You don’t.’

‘Yes, I do. Precisely, five months and twenty days more.’ He shot.

‘Oh shut up!’ she rolled her eyes, and he picked her on his back, piggybacking and dropped her on the couch.

They say, long distance relationships are nothing but a waste of time, money and energy. But if you have the right one by your side, the LDR can turn immensely intense and passionate for the longing between two souls roar high with every passing second. Yes, the wait and the anticipation give pain, but a pain that is so sweet and so beautiful to bear. That moment of happiness when you see the one you love, standing right in front of you after so many days that you have spent alone, simply waiting – it’s just like an answer to your forever prayer. For just that jiffy, everything seems to be the worth, and all the loneliness pays off.

But then, beautiful things are never easy. To make your long distance relationship work, you have to be capable and strong enough to trust your partner and give them the space they deserve, even though they don’t ask for it. Trust and understanding, are the soul of any relationship. If you don’t have them in the core, you have nothing but a hollow body – useless, and ugly. But if you have them, all you have around is happiness, beauty, and undying passionate love.

P.S – This is not a short story series.

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