“Life begins, where Fear ends” – this wonderful quote by Osho, conveys the secret of entire universe within these numbered words. Fear, is an emotion that has the power to destroy, and the power to limit. We all have our own fears that we experience in some or the other […]

That Fearless!

I heard you are a homosexual! Gosh… That’s so unnatural. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Welcome to the country where being homosexual is a sinful crime! The newspapers have been flooding with articles based on the act of being homosexual declared illegal in India which had forced us to ponder over the topic quite […]

Being Homosexual!

Moving on, two little words which lay a great impact on every one’s life. It’s so easy to say, “Move On”. But is it really that easy? Memories of the days spent together where we laughed as one, now make us cry. Promises made to each other lay unfulfilled at […]

Moving On …

Sometimes you feel as if negative thoughts are over powering you and burying you down under their heavy burden.  You feel as if you have a miserable life, nobody is as depressing as you are. But you know a secret, every damn human in this world thinks the same for […]

The Darker You!

What would you answer if you are questioned that have you ever committed any mistake in your life? The answer would be obviously a big yes. You, me and the entire world out there have made mistakes at some point of their lives. When we were kids, small little mistakes […]

Untamed Mistakes!

We were strangers till the day we met at the cafe, I saw him looking at me and ours eyes met. I could sense his look wasn’t something which could make me feel disgusted but it was a look with love, with respect. I could not resist a smile to […]

A Bird without wings!

You never realized what I was going through, how painful my smile was when I saw you close to some other girl. How much it killed me to find the best gift for your girlfriends but I did it just for your happiness. I know I am not the prettiest […]

A girl’s voice

Yes, I am a player. I have dated hottest of the girls I know till date, but today my heart bet for you when you ruffled my hairs and laughed innocently at me when I dropped coffee over my shirt. You are not the most beautiful girl I know neither […]

A Boy’s Voice: